We have turned our passion into our profession.

We love what we do, and that is why others like our work.

There are many things that mom taught us… Mom taught us that flow is not something you can learn, that you are born with it. That the true chef is the one capable of working live, through show cooking, showing his audience that cooking is an art, a show. Always optimistic, she did not let us fall apart due to any unforeseen event, and she always made us see the bright side of things.


She also taught us that ordinary things lead nowhere, for this reason, today we choose to be different, to present an experience to our customers that is far from traditional. A proposal to enjoy.

To go with the flow

“Mamá” and “Jaleo” go hand in hand. The link between gastronomy and events is essential! Everything must flow like the sea; and the good combination of the two elements will have as a result… a good vibe!

The magic of show cooking

We make a big “jaleo”, but we also take care of the details. Mama and Jaleo hand in hand. The link between gastronomy (Mama) and the event (Jaleo) is essential. Let us show it to your guests through show cooking.

Her optimistic values

Those principles, virtues or qualities that we believe are so extremely important to host our guests in the best possible way; offering optimism, manners, respect and joy.

To be different

We are different from the rest. We reflect our own lifestyle with our mom’s recipes and exciting moments that will give you the best experience.

We can do everything your mother wouldn’t let you.

CALL US or SEND US AN EMAIL and off you go. Without fear, you ask and we cook for you. We do everything from corporate events, weddings and all kinds of celebrations, to birthdays!